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Peter Janssen Maler und Kunstprofessor

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Even relatively well known artists are soon forgotten after their death.
Very often the reason for that is  that the heirs are overstrained with the administration of the artistic heritage. Assumed high expenses deter them from keeping the work of the artist alive.

However, the internet these days offers a cost effective possibility to adequatley present the work of such an artist.

Here Iwould like to help with my particular experience. So if you feel addressed by this topic, weshould talk about it. For the following artists I have already designed presentations on the internet:

Tamme Weyert Theodor Janssen 1816 - 1894

Johann Peter Theodor Janssen 1844 - 1908

Karl Janssen 1855 - 1927

Jakob Fischer-Rhein 1888 - 1976

Oswald Petersen 1903 - 1992

Peter Janssen 1906 - 1979

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